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While most people in their mid-fifties would be too afraid of making a major career change, producer-songwriter Mogens Egeskov-Madsen has never been one to allow fear to dictate his professional path. The 56-year-old from Greve Strand, Denmark is strengthening his decision to pursue music as a career by earning a Master Certificate from one of the most prestigious music schools in the world and by seeking out advice from the former manager of superstar Taylor Swift.

Offering free downloads of several of songs on his website, www.mogensegeskovmadsen.com, Mogens cites a 2010 New Year’s resolution as the moment when he decided to pursue music as a new career option despite the fact that he already owned an IT company with clients throughout Denmark.

“We had about a dozen friends gathered for New Year’s and the question came up asking about resolutions,” Mogens remembers.  “All eyes were on me and I said I wanted to do more music.  Just saying it brought about this urge to work on music more and make it become the dominant force in my life.”

The eclectic artist, citing influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Frank Sinatra to Dr. Dre, began learning piano and guitar when he was only six-years-old and eventually landed a spot in a band at the age of fourteen.  Mogens eventually decided to focus his time and energy on business, going on to create an IT company. He admits not pursuing music left him with a void.

“There was a nagging sense.  It wasn’t conscious but it also wasn’t subconscious.  It was simply always there,” he reflects.  “I think it even had a physical manifestation in that my hands use to tremble slightly.  The trembling stopped after I made the New Year’s resolution and followed through with it.”

It was after making that life-changing decision that Mogens read a book, On Producing, authored by music legend Quincy Jones.  Upon learning that Jones attended the world-famous Berklee School of Music in Boston, Mogens immediately researched the school and discovered it offered an online education program.  He enrolled and went on to earn a Master Certificate in songwriting and production.

Mogens has also been seeking out top music industry professionals for advice on mapping out his career path.  Those professionals include former Taylor Swift manager Rick Barker, whom created an online music business education program called Music Industry Blueprint.  The program teaches members how to expand their fan bases via social media and e-mail communications.

“I have learned from Rick that the first step to success is to be there for your fans,” Mogens says.  “You have to be open and available.”

One of the ways in which Mogens is hoping to make himself more available to fans is by offering performances by way of the Internet.  The strategy allows him to focus on bring his live show to fans around the world and not just locally in Denmark.

In 2012, Mogens added an extension to his home to make room for a new studio.  One of his goals is to produce music for other artists also.

“I want to improve my skills both as a performer and as a producer and engineer,” Mogens says.  “I have this crazy idea that, in order to get the results I want, I must have skills and influence in the whole production process.”

In the meantime, Mogens is getting a lot of support from his family.  Recently celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary, Mogens says his wife, Ulla, has been supportive and encouraging…and accepting of his sometimes rather expensive investments in gear.

Mogens has three children and three step-children, all of whom are a source of support and inspiration to the business owner turned musician and producer.


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